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Silence Heard Loud: Seven People You'll Want To Hear From

In partnership with students and alumni of the Compass Project Birkbeck University of London & Leslie Topp Chair of the Compass Project Steering Committee

Silence Heard Loud: Seven People You'll Want To Hear From

A Refugee Week event / London / Saturday 19 June, 2021, 4-5.30pm, online

Seven people from six different countries are building new lives in the UK, and have a lot to say about the situations they've left, about their experiences of the asylum system, and about British life and politics as they observe it. They also have things to say about the transformative impact of university on their lives, and of their transformative impact on the university.

Join us to hear from them, to view the premiere of a short film about their university experience, and to hear more about the forthcoming major art documentary in which they feature, Silence Heard Loud.

The event also marks the launch of a beautiful and powerful book to accompany the film.

The visual artist and director of the film, Anna Konik, will speak about the creative process, and will be joined by staff from Birkbeck's award-winning Compass Project.

Silence Heard Loud and its sister film and book have been supported by a range of very generous funders and supporters, including the Open Society Foundations, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Birkbeck University of London, BookAid, the Goethe Institute Warsaw, the Arsenal Gallery, and private donors.

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