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Video-labirynty Anny Konik, Marcin Gizycki

Zawsze pomiedzy, Notatki o obrazach i przestrzeniach w ruchu), Ryszard W. Kluszczynski

Stefan Szydlowski rozmawia z Anna Konik




Play back (of Irene), Atlas Sztuki Gallery, Lodz 2011; nstallation view
PLAY BACK (of Irène)

video installation / instalacja wideo, 2011 
8 channels video; simultaneous: 1 channel split into 8 channels / black and white / colour / sound / total playing time 8' 50'' / loop and architecture of the place/ 
presented on 16 Hantarex monitors

In the text written specially for the exhibition in Atlas Sztuki, reader Marcin Gizycki notices that: "in the presentation: Play back (of Irene)Konik tries to enter the mentality of her next heroine – an alpinist who has been through a very dangerous downfall – especially deeply. The artist tries again to create a symbolical space – in a more tangible, sensual way than a pure film recording or a spoken word – a concrete experience, human experience. With this work the artist undoubtedly opens a new stage of her creative researches. Play back (of Irene) stresses that: "Sterility of the gallery's >>white cube<< . On 16 screens have been hung. Films/pictures displayed on six of them create a story, a complementation of which is the deconstruction of one of the films displayed on next six screens. The sixteenth screen shows a video form of Irene's text: Das war der heisse Sommer/Das war – This was the hot summer/this was. It's an utterance/destruct, which was broken and put together again, recited and visualized by the artist and by the poet Donald Berger. The rhythm of the installation is determined by the colors of broken rainbow, which appear on screens. The projection is given a rhythm by sequences repeating every 2 minutes and 58 seconds.


video installation

Atlas Sztuki Gallery, Lodz 2011

ZiF Center for interdisziplnary Research, University Bielefeld